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THE PRINCIPALI salute you and well come you to share with us!
Kakeani Sec. School is a school of opportunities.
A lot of people who think they know the school hold it as a school that doesn’t perform well; students are indisciplined, there is water problem, no electricity, the community is negative, no facilities; this is not far from the truth, however, it only took a simple turn of mind to see these so called problems as opportunities.

In 2008, the school was connected with electricity, the same year a borehole was sunk. In 2009, together, the staff and the entire school we formulated the new school dream/vision- “Kakeani becoming one of the best post primary institution in the country”
It has become the school assembly day greetings!
The same year 2009, we demonstrated when the KCSE Results were announced after improving with a m/s 0.5 from 3.2 to 3.7 ,2010, 3.9 and this year we project over 4 m.s.
2010. The vice president joined the community and the parents to fundraise for the boys dorm.
The students almost three years have never walked in protest 30Km away to be addressed by the District Education Officer Kitui.
The school is today among the 5 schools in the district to start e-learning integration in the teaching, funded by parents.
We are among the provincial contestaits in Drama. The teachers work as a team.
This years AGM, (2011) the parents attendance was 203 compared to 186 students enrolment.
The school old students for the first time have an active Alumni.



      The school has excelled both in academics and co-curricula activities.
      Some of the products of the school through the years hold very important position in 
      Government and other fields.
      Currently, the school performs very well in Drama to the Provincial Level for the successive   
      three years. The academic performance has been on he rise, since 2008.
      The school is among the first school in the District to integrate ICT in Teaching and learning.

Enrolment and Staffing

The school is one of stream with an enrolment of 186students. It is mixed boys and girls.
It is well staffed with a team of 11 teachers 6TSC and 5 B.O.G.
There are 4 non-teaching and 6surbordinate staff who are B.O.G employees.

The school sits on a land approx. 20 acres.
The following structures are permanent.
Classrooms 4
Dormsn3(1girls 2boys)
Science Lab 1 (Modern)
I Library hall
1 Dining Hall(Modern-capacity 700 students)
Modern Kitchen
Modern store
Teachers houses 3
Computer laboratory –sharing with library.

The school is equipped with adequate materials on the departments- Laboratory, computers and textbooks for the students.


Electricity and permanent water
The school recently benefited with electricity line and water borehole courtesy of donors (2008)
The community and parents mobilized funds through a funds drive with the Vice President Dr. Kalonzo and successfully funded the new modern dormitory for boys. It is near completion.
Computer Project 2011- The parents have funded a computer project and training. The school is currently equipped to start ICT integration and lessons.


The school is within the neighborhood of the Kakeani Market, the chiefs office and dispensary.
This gives the school almost guaranteed physical security.
There is a daily road connection to and from Nairobi with Benjo transport company vehicles. Locally, only Mondays and Thursdays that transport to and from Kabati, the main town is promising.
Kakeani market however guarantees supplies and housing.
The former students have formed a committed alumni to support the school.

The recent developments to the school has injected life to the once dormant school.
-There is a healthy relationship between the community and the school.
-The school has enjoyed funding from donors on electricity and water in 2008.
-Parents are active, they have funded computer programme in the school.
-The school Alumni for the first time has formed up. They were present in the previous parents AGM to motivate the teachers and students as well as guide the parents towards building a strong school.
-The parents are motivated to attend school functions and support teachers. This years AGM, the attendance was record 203 parents against 186 students.
-The KCSE Results have been steadily improving from 2008 with 1 university qualify in 2009 and several tertiary level qualifiers.
-Discipline: The students maintains excellent discipline in the school.

The school maintains strictly the government authorized fees.
The school respects the parents and treats the parent as the most important clients and parents association in liaison with the B.O.G plays the major stake in the necessary decision making in the school especially extra levies development and discipline.

HIV/AIDS- We have many cases among the students who cannot raise fees due to the effects of this scourge.
Financial challenge- due to teacher staffing shortage and inflation.
Past history- the school had lost popularity from both teachers, students and parents due to lack of essential facilities eg. Water and lighting as well as discipline.
Much support is required from parents to raise the enrolment and other stakeholders and wel-wishers eg. NGOs to ensure this school which is on the rise catch up.

Construction of a computer laboratory- the computer room is housed in the library.
Fencing of the school- The school has no fence. There is loaming insecurity both school property and discipline and interference from the neighboring community.
Furnishing of the DH- it lacks furniture.
The buildings especially Administration and classroom requires renovation.

We appeal to the donors and other well-wishers to support us.

You are welcome to interact with us.

Thank you and God bless all who visit our web-site.
Welcome to Garissa Teachers Training College website. It is designed for parents, students former students, entire college community, friends of the institution and the whole world at large.

Thanks be to God. Kakeani Sec. School is a school of opportunities.
Email –Kakeanisecondary@yahoo.com.

The Principal
Mr. Thomas M. Mwaniki
Email. Mwanikithomas16@yahoo.com
Cell. 0722 233402

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